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Founded by Sabrina Montgomery - DreamCatchers Entertainment (DCE) is one of Atlanta's most recognized talent companies built to help others nurture their God-given talents, and show that dreams can become a reality. The company's mission is to help talented individuals - singers, rappers, dancers, actors, comedians, models, and other entertainers achieve their goals and dreams of having a successful career in the music business and entertainment industry.

Through years of networking, DreamCatchers has become an extremely resourceful engine. These resources are utilized to aid talent and driven individuals along the sometimes challenging road to success. DreamCatchers resources also help talent to establish relationships through networking, and more importantly, provide opportunities.

DreamCatchers Entertainment is becoming not only one of Atlanta's fastest growing talent and entertainment companies, but also, due to the company's focus, continuous hard work and tremendous growth, the company now handles everything from organizing fashion shows, music promotions, social media, parties, charity events, talent bookings, photo shoots, model management and promotions, street and club promotions throughout the Southeast. Our list of duties is ongoing and never-ending as are our obligations to make sure entertainers are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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